26 Apr

ProCAD Vietnam becomes the official partner of TOPSOLID in Vietnam

Becoming the reseller of TopSolid in Vietnam proves the commitment of ProCAD Vietnam in delivering the top quality CAD/CAM/CAE solutions, which is suitable with Vietnamese manufacturers of all size.

In 2019, ProCAD Vietnam is glad to successfully sign the contract with TOPSOLID. ProCAD Vietnam is now the official reseller for a wide range of TopSolid solutions. The main solutions, which are focused for Vietnamese market, are TopSolid’Wood (core product), TopSolid’Design, TopSolid’CAM, TopSolid’Mold and TopSolid’Progress. These products are the perfect match for the corporations in furnishing, toolmaking, metalworking, and sheetmetal industry. The diverse mixture of CAD/CAM software enables the domestic manufacturers to equip a comprehensive operation system including design, manufacture, etc.

TOPSOLID (used to be known as Missler Software) is the world-leading company specialized in developing CAD/CAM software. With more than 30 years of experience, TOPSOLID is in a position to offer a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution. The company mainly targets the mechanical sector (machinery, tools, etc.), sheet metal work and the wood industry. Wherever a machine interacts with material to machine, shape or produce a part. Moreover, having employees and partners around the world, including Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and North and South America, enables TOPSOLID to support its customers promptly and effectively.

* ProCAD Vietnam Co. Ltd. is the professional CAD/CAM/CAE consultant and distributor in Vietnam.

By procad.vn

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