Femap with NX Nastran is a structural analysis solution, combining the “Femap” pre/post-processor and the “NX Nastran” analysis solver, making possible a series of operations for finite element analysis ― creating models for analysis from shape data created in 3D-CAD, analysis, display of results ― with a single software package on a single PC. Because it runs on Windows PCs, you can carry out work in a familiar environment.

What makes Femap with NX Nastran different?

  1. Base module: Provides all of the capabilities that you will need in many instances, including linear statics, normal modes, buckling, steady-state and transient heat transfer, basic nonlinear, design sensitivity and unlimited problem size capabilities.
  2. Dynamics: Enables product performance to be evaluated in both the time and frequency domains.
  3. Optimization: Determine optimal design parameters with sizing optimization capabilities.
  4. Advanced Nonlinear: Facilitates large deformation; supports nonlinear materials, time-dependent loads, deformable and rigid contact. Provides nonlinear time integration for impact analysis.
  5. Rotor Dynamics: Predicts the dynamic response of rotating systems such as shafts, turbines and propellers to determine critical shaft speeds.
  6. Superelements: Superelements play a key role when solving very large and complex finite element models by decomposing larger structures into equivalent sets of smaller substructures.
  7. DMAP: Direct matrix abstraction programming (DMAP) is a unique Nastran programming capability that allows customers to expand NX Nastran capabilities by writing their own applications and installing custom modules.
  8. Aeroelasticity: Determine structural response from aerodynamic loading for static and flutter conditions.
  9. Structural Analysis Toolkit: Saves post-processing time by organizing results data and calculating additional results quantities.

How Femap with NX Nastran benefits you?


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