Moldex3D is the world leader in plastic injection CAE molding software. With top of the line analysis technology, a large variety of simulation capabilities are in your hands to optimize designs and manufacturability, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product ROI (Return – On – Investment).

What makes Moldex3D different?

  1. Take Advantage of CAD Interoperability: Integrates with multiple CAD programs so users can quickly validate part designs directly in familiar CAD/CAM environments.
  2. Use Superior Automatic 3D Mesh Engine: Supports auto mesh generation for saving time and variant level of mesh generation with intelligent wizards.
  3. Create High Resolution 3D Mesh: Supports auto mesh generation, especially for complicated 3D geometry, with less complexity and faster workflow.
  4. Leverage Parallel Processing: All Moldex3D solvers support multi-core and multi-CPU parallel processing to shorten simulation time and enhance computation accuracy.

How Moldex3D benefits you?


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