NX CAM is the world leader in Computer Aided Manufacturing. It provides a complete set of NC programming capabilities in a single CAM system as well as an integrated set of manufacturing software applications. These applications facilitate part modeling, tool design and inspection programming – all based on proven NX technology.

What makes SolidWorks Plastics different?

  1. Maximize Machine Tool Capability: Use one CAM system for all applications: program complex parts with flexible and accurate 5-axis machining, drive the latest generation of multi-function machines, and complete the part with a superior surface finish.
  2. Create Production-Ready Output: Machine right the first time with an internal postprocessor, an extensive online postprocessor library, and an integrated G-code driven machine tool simulation.
  3. Enable High-Speed Machining: Successful high-speed roughing in NX maintains high metal removal rates while managing tool loads. HSM finishing operations, such as the Streamline feature, produce smooth flowing cutting patterns that result in fine finishes at high feed rates.
  4. Leverage Programming Automation: Reduce programming time by 90 percent. NX CAM automatically recognizes machining features, it allows you to build the correct machining process from a library of operations, you can use PMI model data to drive machining process selection, and you can use the machining knowledge editor to add new operations.

How NX CAM benefits you?




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